About Us

Overview & Mission

We envision the United States as a place where there is no need for BlackLivesMatter protest. We believe that via entrepreneurship, the socioeconomic deprivation of the Black race can be alleviated. Letsbuildsomethingbig.com envisions a racially fair community in which race has no bearing on the distribution of resources, opportunities, or wealth. We recognize that to realize this goal, we must work for systemic change and entrepreneur-centered solutions that will correct the core causes of structural racism and disinvestment in Black communities. Letsbuildsomethingbig.com aims to promote youth development and community advancement by providing access to education, information, and training, as well as providing relief to the distressed and underprivileged, reducing neighborhood and family tension, and combating community deterioration, juvenile delinquency, and deterring at-risk behaviors by our youth.

Make your Impact

The Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) was created on December 4, 1967, by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), led by Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr., to address the issues of unemployment, housing shortages for the poor, and the impact of poverty on the lives of millions of Americans. The immediate aim was to secure federal legislation ensuring full employment and promoting the construction of low income-income housing to raise the quality of life of the nation’s impoverished citizens. Title 3 of the JOBS Act, the crowdfunding provision, has been called one of the most momentous securities exemptions enacted since the original Securities Act of 1933. We can deploy this federal legislation, the JOBS Act, to realize Dr. King’s vision “The Poor People’s Campaign”.


Mentorship Program

Youthful Blacks will be served through the Mentorship Program. The mentors will advise on self-efficacy, financial literacy, civic responsibility, and more. Various professions, community members, and other notable individuals will also talk to the mentees to provide a more practical application of self-efficacy. Letsbuildsomethingbig.com is a secure and mature community for adolescents to engage in dialogue with trusted adults in an environment where they can feel encouraged rather than criticized.

Entrepreneurship Program

Empowerment will not happen by chance, accident, or wishes. It will require purposeful planning.letsbuildsomethingbig.com will promote entrepreneurship by onboarding Black entrepreneurs to our funding portal, an SEC-registered intermediary. The organization emphasizes the importance of black entrepreneurship and deploys its business initiatives to shift public perception of black identity and uplift the community.letsbuildsomethingbig.com: Empowering the African American Community through Entrepreneurship.